Baran Zamani Carpet Tableau Gallery


Iran is known as the carpet and rug in the world. The artistic work of this region for of carpet and rug design is unique in all parts of the world.

The design team of Baran Zamani is consisting of the most professional weavers, designers and dyer. The managing of this team is Baran Zamani who is an Iranian actress that presents her 12 years artistic experience by warp and woof of Carpet Tableau.

Our mission in this team is presentation of decorative carpets with designs and drawings of world’s famous paintings which will be trimmed with elegance, precision and high density to the carpet. Also, designing and implementing tableaux with custom pictures is one of the services that will be woven to the carpet by Baran Zamani Gallery group.

We have combined modern art with the tradition of Iranian carpet. Creativity and quality are our first words.