Baran Zamani Pictorial Carpet Gallery

    How to order?

    We really appreciate you for choosing this site to order our special lind of carpet.
    You should be noticed to study our service conelition and the ruls of our priuate ownership before doing any otder,and then do the order directly from the web site.
    You can order offline and it will take 3 to 4 months from your prepayment settemet.
    You can enter the gallery from the main menu then have the detail of each item by clicking on it. you can choose the order botton and fill the form.


    How to purchase?

    You to use this link to pay and register the transaction number for us (bararugs) pay attention to these items
    -Do not use proxy for connecting
    -Fill your personal inpormation carehully. you can not edit it after registration.
    -Do not use the back botton during the registration stages and payiny as well.
    -You will have recieved your digital reciept after paying,take care of it.


    How to send parcel?

    We will your parcel with the “baran’s gallery logo,the plot identification and a vdvet bag by “TNT” international post to your address was written on your form.